A cleanroom is an establishment designed for selected industrial production, including the manufacture of pharmaceutical items, integrated circuits, microelectronics, and many other semiconductor products. A particular industry requires classified cleanroom as per its requirement. So there are different types of cleanroom in different industries.

Mainly there are three types of cleanrooms :

1.  Softwall cleanroom :

A Softwall cleanroom is a non-permanent cleanroom which can be built real easy and quick. Also known as portable cleanroom or modular cleanroom, it is used to provide a low cost alternative to the permanent ones. This types of cleanroom are often used in emergency production as they can be constructed in short period. There walls are made of transparent polymers.

2. Rigidwall cleanroom :

Rigidwall cleanroom is a versatile cleanroom option   as it is durable as a Hardwall cleanroom and affordable  as a Softwall cleanroom. A Rigidwall cleanroom provides contamination security from Class 100 standards to Class 100,000 standards. Rigidwall cleanrooms are safe, clean, and provide a convenient working environment. Rigidwall cleanroom is modular, and can be moved wherever needed.

3. Hardwall cleanroom :

As the name suggest it is permanent cleanroom where airborne particulates and pollutants are controlled to specific levels. Pharmaceuticals and research laboratories are generally this type. Hardwall cleanrooms requires a neat and lean atmosphere for its working. It provides maximum level of protections towards dust and pollutants as well as it controls the pressure and humidity. Walls are mainly made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel.

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